• PopKey, the GIF Keyboard!

    My friends know, and even my Twitter friends seem to know... 


    So when I saw that a "GIF Keyboard" was being released, I was a little excited. I signed up to be notified when the app was released. I'm pretty fast at finding GIFs, even while on my phone, but the ease of having a keyboard that, "allows you to quickly choose from thousands of awesome GIFs...collected for you" gives me the opportunity to respond even faster!

    At long last, on October 1st, I was notified by email that the app was available. FYI - PopKey is only available to those with iOS8 on their phone. 

    They've done a great job of organizing the gifs into keywords. 

    And once you've shared the app with at least one other friend, you'll be allowed to upload your own GIFs to the PopKey keyboard!

    So far, my biggest critique is that you can only use the app while you have internet connection, which is mostly a problem when I'm riding the metro and trying to respond to text. 

    So take PopKey for a spin and let me know what you think!