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  • Remembering Those Who Have Served, Memorial Day 2014

    I’m new to the east coast, and it’s often hard for me to get all the way home to California, but I’m lucky enough to call my aunt and uncle’s house near Newport News a home away from home. My uncle, Don, served in the U.S. Air Force for 24 years. One of my very early memories is coming to visit him and his family in Virginia for his retirement ceremony.

    I got to spend the weekend with them and as we sat around after dinner last night, in honor of Memorial Day, we tried to remember all of our family members who have served in the military. Among my relatives who have served is my great-grandfather, Joseph Achille Cresto, who I unfortunately never got to meet. While we were talking, my Aunt Kathi pulled up a wonderful photo of him in the U.S. Navy during WWI that I hadn’t seen before: 

    Pictured on the right. Pretty handsome guy, huh? 

    Great-grandpa Cresto  served as a bugler (note the horn in his hand) and was only 21 years old when this photo was taken! My Uncle has done extensive research and archiving of my family’s historical records and photographs. From him, I learned that My great-grandfather, Joseph Achille Cresto was born in Torino in November 1896 and came to the United States in 1901. After the War, he married Antoinette Vezzetti in 1924 in Rockvale, Colorado. He died in 1970 in Canon City, Colorado.

    This is just a little of my family’s military history. I hope you get the chance to take the time and remember your loved ones and as well as all the others who have served our great country. As a post on Marcus Luttrell’s Facebook page stated today, “It’s only a free day from work because of those who gave their lives for your freedom.”

    Thank you to all of those who have served and a special prayer goes out to my friends who are currently deployed!