• Fall Things with Family in Virginia

    A saving grace when I moved across the states, away from my parents and the majority of my family, was that I still had some amazing family members that live only a few hours away. My cousin Megan and her husband Noah are some of my wonderful family nearby. I was lucky enough to escape the DC metro area a couple weeks ago to visit them and do all kinds of "fall things," including apple picking, making apple crumble, and enjoying coffee while walking around in perfect, blustery fall weather.

    I didn't document the whole weekend photographically, but here are a few of my favorite snaps.

  • Limited TimeValentine's Day Mini Photo Session

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  • Refreshing in 2016

    For me, the new year is a chance to reevaluate, reprioritize and refresh. 

    As I’m going through Apartment Therapy’s January Cure, I’m thinking about how easily people these days give up on their goals.

    The sad truth is that nearly 80% of us will fall off the resolution bandwagon by Super Bowl Sunday; and by this time next year, a mere 5% of us will have succeeded in reaching our goals. 

    via Dr. Travis Bradberry’s “How To Exceed Your Goals In 2016″

    Just last night, I was tempted to give up on a goal that I set for myself at the beginning of the year with my church, and hadn’t yet broken. But let me tell you: I have such amazing friends. One of them realized what was going on, took my hand and walked through it with me.

    I have been blessed with some pretty incredible friends. (And those are just photos documenting SOME of my great 2015 experiences!)

    Although I thought about not including it, I read this amazing post on Propel Women recently that made me change my mind... I’d like to share that at the end of 2015, I renewed my commitment to my faith by getting re-baptized. Talk about feeling refreshed! 

    This new year, my goals and plans include...

    • Growing in my relationship with God and in the understanding that without Him, none of these other things would even be possible
    • Becoming a better leader in various spheres of life
    • Traveling - international trip, +5 new states, camping
    • Starting a new job
    • Developing my mind through reading, staying current on my languages, returning to my guitar
    • Being more confident in myself and my decisions
    • Stepping up my style and venturing toward creating “capsule wardrobe” (yes, you can blame Pinterest for that one)
    • Expanding my side hustle

    My hope is that in sharing these 2016 goals with you - my family and friends - that you’ll both encourage me and help hold me accountable to accomplishing them.

    Love and blessings,


  • These Are the Faces of Veterans Entering the WWII Memorial to a Huge Surprise

    Spent my Veterans Day visting the WWII Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial on the National Mall. A few Honor Flights came in while I was there and I took pictures of some of the incredible men and women visiting their memorial.

    Benny Johnson featured some of my photos in his article on

    Honor Flights are organized flights full of aging veterans that travel to Washington D.C. from all over the country. The flights are organized so that the veterans on them will get a chance to visit the memorials built in their honor.

    These vets are welcomed warmly at public memorials around the city.

    Katherine Cresto /


    Read the full piece here.

    View the rest of my photos from Veterans Day 2015 here.

  • Great Covers from The Shadowboxers: Karl's Music Rec FTW

    My friend Karl is one of my musical kindred spirits. I don't think I've ever disliked a song or music video that he has recommended.

    Yesterday was no different. He sent me these three videos from The Shadowboxers and I didn't listen to anything else for the rest of the day.

    Loved them all, but this one was my favorite!

    Added bonus: here's a video from a few months ago that he posted a few months ago on my Facebook wall. Also loved it.

  • Honor Flight Season 2015 is Here!

    Don't have plans tomorrow morning? You do now!

    What is Honor Flight, you ask?

    Only one of my favorite organizations who host some of my favorite events around Washington, D.C. The Honor Flight Network flies veterans from 127 cities, free of charge, to visit their memorials in Washington D.C.

    This is Honor Flight's motto: 


    How can you help? 

    Just show up!

    One of the biggest honors you can do for the Veteran's who come to the WWII Memorial with Honor Flight is just come and thank them for their service. Having happy faces there to greet them is a wonderful way to give back. 

    And if you're in the D.C. area and are in town this weekend, you're in luck!

    There are not one, but TWO flights coming in this Saturday. I've copied Saturday's intinerary below, but you can view the full schedule here

    APRIL 2015

    Date: 4/4/15, Saturday

    Group: 100 veterans from Indy Honor Flight  A

    Arrival: US Airways 8:32am (Terminal C)

    GET YOUR GATE ACCESS PASS (GAP) HERE *you must pick up your GAP by 8am to greet this flight!


    Time @ WWII memorial 10:00 am-11:45am, 4 Dillon buses

    Changing of the Guard @ 3:30pm

    Return to DCA 4:30 pm for 5:45 pm departure, US Airways

    Special notes: One of two Indy HF on the same day, see below


    Date: 4/4/15, Saturday

    Group: 100 veterans from Indy Honor Flight  B

    Arrival: US Airways 9:24am (Terminal C)

    GET YOUR GATE ACCESS PASS (GAP) HERE *you must  your GAP by 8am to greet this flight!


    Time @ WWII 1:00 pm-2:45 pm, 4 Dillon buses

    of the Guard at Arlington @ 11:30 am

    Return to at DCA 5:15pm for a 6:30 pm departure, US Airways

    Special notes: One of two Indy HF on the same day, see above

    Another way that I give back?

    When I welcome the vets, I also take photos of them arriving and visiting the WWII Memorial. I then hand out my card so that they can contact me for the photos. Honor Flight DCA also shares my photos on their Facebook for the D.C. area or the local page for the group that travelled to D.C.

    Below are a few of my favorites:

    Hope to see you there tomorrow!

  • #SMMW15 Lecture Notes: "How to Create Visual Marketing Strategy that Gets Results" via @SociallySorted

    (graphic above was #MadeWithOver. image via @irespectonline)


    Donna Moritz liked my post!

    And she did! 

    Create a Visual Marketing Strategy that Gets Results [Great wrap of my session at #SMMW15 by @kcresto]

    — Donna Moritz (@SociallySorted) April 1, 2015

  • PopKey, the GIF Keyboard!

    My friends know, and even my Twitter friends seem to know... 


    So when I saw that a "GIF Keyboard" was being released, I was a little excited. I signed up to be notified when the app was released. I'm pretty fast at finding GIFs, even while on my phone, but the ease of having a keyboard that, "allows you to quickly choose from thousands of awesome GIFs...collected for you" gives me the opportunity to respond even faster!

    At long last, on October 1st, I was notified by email that the app was available. FYI - PopKey is only available to those with iOS8 on their phone. 

    They've done a great job of organizing the gifs into keywords. 

    And once you've shared the app with at least one other friend, you'll be allowed to upload your own GIFs to the PopKey keyboard!

    So far, my biggest critique is that you can only use the app while you have internet connection, which is mostly a problem when I'm riding the metro and trying to respond to text. 

    So take PopKey for a spin and let me know what you think! 

  • Remembering Those Who Have Served, Memorial Day 2014

    I’m new to the east coast, and it’s often hard for me to get all the way home to California, but I’m lucky enough to call my aunt and uncle’s house near Newport News a home away from home. My uncle, Don, served in the U.S. Air Force for 24 years. One of my very early memories is coming to visit him and his family in Virginia for his retirement ceremony.

    I got to spend the weekend with them and as we sat around after dinner last night, in honor of Memorial Day, we tried to remember all of our family members who have served in the military. Among my relatives who have served is my great-grandfather, Joseph Achille Cresto, who I unfortunately never got to meet. While we were talking, my Aunt Kathi pulled up a wonderful photo of him in the U.S. Navy during WWI that I hadn’t seen before: 

    Pictured on the right. Pretty handsome guy, huh? 

    Great-grandpa Cresto  served as a bugler (note the horn in his hand) and was only 21 years old when this photo was taken! My Uncle has done extensive research and archiving of my family’s historical records and photographs. From him, I learned that My great-grandfather, Joseph Achille Cresto was born in Torino in November 1896 and came to the United States in 1901. After the War, he married Antoinette Vezzetti in 1924 in Rockvale, Colorado. He died in 1970 in Canon City, Colorado.

    This is just a little of my family’s military history. I hope you get the chance to take the time and remember your loved ones and as well as all the others who have served our great country. As a post on Marcus Luttrell’s Facebook page stated today, “It’s only a free day from work because of those who gave their lives for your freedom.”

    Thank you to all of those who have served and a special prayer goes out to my friends who are currently deployed!